postmark-col2-redCurrent call for submissions:

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2016 (6th October 2016), which is on the theme of messages, we welcome your poetry/flash in the form of ‘A Letter to…’

Who do you want to write that letter to? Your mother? Your childhood friend? Your teacher? Your child? The bully at school? The woman on the bus? The man opposite you on the train?

We want your letters. Fact or fiction. But beautifully written.

We might even make them into a book…

email: with NPD as the subject line.

Deadline: 3rd October


Young Adult Anthology

Paper Swans Press is seeking poems or flash fiction (up to 250 words) on any theme for a new anthology. Poets MUST be between 13-18 years at time of submission.

This anthology will complement our award-shortlisted Schooldays anthology. Schooldays reflected on memories of youth and we are looking to publish an anthology that IS youth; a current, contemporary collection giving a platform to young poets and writers.

Poems can be already published and of any length and topic. We are not able to give feedback.


  • Up to TWO poems per submission.
  • Please submit poems as an attachment in one single word document and have your name as the name of the document and your name and age as a header in the document. This is really important.
  • Email submissions to and have  YA Poems as your subject line.
  • Closing date for submissions is 31st December 2016.



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