Starting again…

Disaster struck Paper Swans Press recently, when our old website hosting service removed thousands of sites without giving sufficient time or technical support to migrate to a new platform. Twitter had a LOT to say to this company, as I’m sure you can imagine. Despite my best efforts and valiantly trying to fight off the many error codes, I could not save our site in time and have had to start from scratch.

I am taking this as an opportunity to remember the many hours of love it took me to set up Paper Swans in the first place, and it’s true that out of a ‘crisis’, come many silver linings. We have had a ‘hard reset’ and webpages, photographs and content may be lost, but memories and books are not. Our shop was due a stock check and we now have just a select number of items on sale, with the few remaining copies of various other books, saved for book fairs. If there are any particular Paper Swans books you want to get hold of, please drop us a line via our contact page.

There are likely to be a few glitches to iron out, but now the website is set up again, we can focus on our 2022 advent calendar, which follows on the success of last year’s inaugural version. We are also busy preparing Rosalind Easton’s pamphlet prize winner, Man Overboard, for publication next year.

A huge thank you to all our loyal followers, poets and authors who have supported Paper Swans over the last 8 years…here’s to a feathery bright future ahead,

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