The Chronicles of Eve — York Launch

It was a HUGE pleasure to travel to York at the weekend for the northern launch of The Chronicles of Eve. First up — York — wow, want to live there now. Beautiful, vibrant city with truly lovely people.

This extended to The Basement, where we held our launch. Genuine, friendly folk helping us set up and making things as smooth as possible. Many thanks to Carole Bromley for recommending it, a great place for poetry and live gigs.

Again, it was a real privilege and pleasure to meet the poets and hear them read; a superb evening that was both moving and had me laughing out loud (John Foggin). Also, I finally got to meet my co-editor, Wendy Pratt. As editors for the book we are based in Sussex, Yorkshire and Edinburgh, so not a viable face-to-face meeting opportunity, but there we all were! Wendy, Ellie and me.

Here’s a few photos of the evening…the lighting was low so they are not as sharp as I’d like, but a nice reminder of the event. You can read the poets’ bios HERE and buy your copy of The Chronicles of Eve HERE.

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