EdinburghSo, on Friday, Paper Swans are heading north and south to meet in Edinburgh for the festivals; moreover, the Book Festival.

We will be distributing tiny, beautiful poems and, given that we both have an acting background, there might even be a bit of impromptu reading/slamming/making up a poem on the spot. The beauty of such festivals is that there is a lot of osmosis going on…the sheer enthusiasm, passion and belief of the festival-goers oozes into devotees and bystanders alike.

These are exciting times. Poetry is enjoying somewhat of a revival; especially amongst the young. Which is excellent and whets the appetite for a future Paper Swans project…

We will keep you posted here and on twitter of our comings and goings, but needless to say, we are there to give a big shout out to the wonderful poets and writers that the publishing world just hasn’t noticed quite yet.


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