NaPoWriMo 2016

book-novels-lovers-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-29Today marks the start of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) when poets, worldwide, try to write a poem a day. Well, write something, at least. It’s very unusual to be able to write a finished poem in one day. Yes, sometimes little gems just roll off our pages as a complete work but, more often enough, poems need to be edited. And edited. And edited. And this involves leaving them alone for days/weeks (sometimes even months). I like to think of it like planting a seed, popping back to water it every now and again until finally, one day, your seed has grown into a beautiful plant (just be careful not to under- or over-water it!).

Enough of the horticultural analogies. Suffice to say, NaPoWriMo is about getting something written every day. Even if it is only fit for the bin, the practice of writing is all part of the process.

Chances are, if you are reading a post from a poetry site, you know this already and are thinking yeah, yeah, yeah. In which case, I will move on to the other exciting things marked by 1st April.

April Fools’ Day, obviously. Already got my family twice and it’s not yet 9am…

The end of our poetry competition  – last night was your final chance to enter our National Trust ‘Roses’ competition, judged by Jill Munro.

Saving the best ’til last…it is our birthday! Paper Swans is officially two today (although it feels much longer!). I am so proud of what we have achieved so far and 2016 is definitely going to be our most exciting year yet, with The Chronicles of Eve publishing 1st May, our National Trust event in June with the publication of our winners’ pamphlet and later in the year, we will publish our first individual pamphlets by Elisabeth Sennitt Clough and Lydia Popowich.
To mark our birthday, we are having a giveaway! Pop over to our Facebook page or Twitter to see how you can win a poetry goody bag – some lovely publications from independent small presses and some other bits and bobs we think you might like!


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The Chronicles of Eve
and The Poetry of Roses are available for pre-order

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