Paper Swans takes micropoetry to the Edinburgh Festival

This year, Paper Swans is taking micropoetry to the Edinburgh Festival. We plan to publish and distribute hundreds of ‘pocket poetry’ cards to festival-goers, each one with a micropoem beautifully adorning its front.

What is micropoetry?

Micropoetry is, basically, a poem that fits into a tweet, so 140 characters or less. It has taken Twitter by storm and is becoming a hugely popular way for poets to express themselves on social media.

Over the next few weeks, Paper Swans will be releasing prompts and asking you to submit your micropoem to us, via twitter (@paperswanswrite) using the hashtag #PSMP (that’s Paper Swans MicroPoem – but we’ve kept it short to give you more characters to play with). Rules? It has to be inspired by the prompt and fit onto a tweet with our hashtag.

We will select up to 10 poems per prompt to be printed on our pocket poetry cards and distributed at the Edinburgh Festival 2014. On the reverse of the card simply will be the author’s name (or twitter name if you prefer) and the Paper Swans website address. Tiny poems to pop into your pocket and enjoy again and again.

By submitting you are giving Paper Swans permission to reproduce your work but copyright stays with you. Poems will also be published on a dedicated page on our website.

Below are a few examples of what the cards will look like; these are done with quotes from poems/flash fiction, but you get the idea. First prompt will be released Friday 18th July on Twitter (and here!) and the second prompt on Friday 25th July. Subscribers to our newsletter will get the second prompt ahead of release. each prompt closes 00:59 GMT on the Sunday night following its release (so 20th and 27th July, respectively).


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