The Darker Side of Love


The Darker Side of Love is a collections of poems about the rawness and unwelcome realities ‘love’ can bring. Far removed from the romanticised, commercial portrayal of love, it shows us what lies beneath the surface, what the darker side has to offer.

ISBN 978-0-9931756-0-2  •  28 pages.



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“There is something strange and compelling about The Darker Side of Love; something recognisable in its sometimes melancholy, sometimes bitter, sometimes celebratory exploration of love lost, love thrown away and love ripped into little pieces. There are strong poems here, poems that will map your future in left over mementos, have your heart bleeding into the gutter, and leave you floundering and flowering in an ocean of tears. This collection navigates a dark, thorny path through pain and comes up with a message about resilience, about the need to keep going and what’s more, by the time you’re through you’ll be reminded by the vicious punch of your own heart beating in your chest what it feels like to love back.”

Wendy Pratt



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