Emergency Mints


Cannon’s impressive debut pamphlet, filled with journey and adventure, will seduce you into its watery world, where ‘corrugated’ waves break ‘into lace ruffles on wet sand.’ Cannon’s precise and arresting imagery addresses the world fully and directly. This is a skilled poet who is unafraid to ask the big questions: ‘how much of ourselves do we leave behind in the maps we draw?’

— Elisabeth Sennitt Clough


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‘Emergency Mints’ is a liminal pamphlet, existing in its own space between sea and land. Karen Jane Cannon offers glimpses of the worlds of sailors and the land-locked, cross-Channel swimmers and school-girl paddlers, deftly utilising all of our senses in evoking ‘The remnants of life cast and thrown -/the start of sea, the end of land.’ Mint-fresh, expertly crafted poems lead us to re-examine man’s relationship with the natural world and each other in this enticing debut.

Jill Munro, Editor

ISBN 978-1-9998196-2-0

40 pages


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