Review: Lapstrake by Wendy Pratt (Flarestack Poets)

lapstrakeSome of you will know that Wendy Pratt has been a guest-judge for our competition and will be co-editing our forthcoming anthology, The Chronicles of Eve, with me and Ellie Danak.

This week, via Flarestack Poets, her new collection, Lapstrake, has been published and my copy arrived this weekend.

It is a collection of poems about the loss of her daughter and the consequential grief and trauma that follows, written using the ebb and flow of the sea and its connections, both physical and mythical. The poems carry you along on their changing tides and, as a reader, you are swept into the bleak emotions and currents of strength that bounce and weave their way throughout. Beautifully crafted and a collection I will read over again.

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