The Saboteur Awards 2016

Shortlisted-768x384On Friday, A. B. Cooper and I went to The Saboteur Awards at Vout-O-Reenee’s in London, where Schooldays was shortlisted in the ‘Best Anthology’ category. Along with Ellie Danak, we edited Schooldays and were overjoyed when it received shortlisted recognition. We were up against some stiff competition and, alas, didn’t win, but it was a great evening and a real pleasure to be in a room full of like-minded people.

It was also a privilege to have the opportunity to enter these awards. Small presses are ‘up against it’ a lot of the time, especially against large, monetised publishers, so to have the chance to gain some recognition nationally is a HUGE deal for us. Our thanks to Sabotage Reviews.



A. B. Cooper & Sarah Miles

A. B. Cooper & Sarah Miles

On the night, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Steve Toase who was shortlisted in the Collaborative Work category with Haunted. I also got to chat with the lovely Emma Wright from The Emma Press and finally met the wonderful Helen Ivory, who went home a winner (sorry, Steve!) with her collaborative work with Tom de Freston, Fool’s World — A Tarot. 

You can find all the results here, but I would like to share some of the comments that voters left about Schooldays and why they voted for it. There are too many to include them all, but here are a few:

Great mix of fresh writing.

I love an anthology that mixes prose and poetry.

Fabulous, passionate press that believes in giving a voice to true talent.

A superb collection, evocative, moving and eclectic. Paper Swans Press has excelled itself with this publication.

A thoroughly enjoyable anthology combining poetry and flash – schooldays are of course a shared experience as different as Pink Floyd & Madness so the appeal is obvious. Standouts for me were Katy Ewing’s ‘School Souls’ & Roderick Bates’s ‘Scientific Inquiry…’ – coincidentally one after the other they stayed with me.

Interesting approach to schooldays theme, established and new poets in one volume

It is simply a delightful and very touching collection of poetry on the theme. And we’ve all been to school ( most of us!) so it will ring bells…

This is a very evocative, well written and brilliantly put together anthology.

Paper Swans Press have produced an exceptional anthology on the theme of ‘Schooldays’. Each piece is extremely strong in its own right and together they make a wonderful collection.

Poignant, funny, a real array

The anthology is a mixture of individual voices many of which resonated with my own experiences. I was very moved by some.

A wonderful mixture of poems that look at a universal experience from some beautifully unique and personal perspectives.

Quality of selection and curation.

Because we badly need good field guides to our pasts, to remind us of where we’ve been and how we got to where we are. “Schooldays” takes us down that path.

Nostalgic and unique, with various writing styles complementing each-other.

A fantastic mix that brings back both happy, and sad, memories of school.

Paper swans have produced a really inspiring beautiful themed collection here.

Wonderful unique inspiring.

Beautifully put together anthology.

Beautifully produced, great concept, accessible but well crafted anthology.

For the way it has captured such an eclectic mixture of memories and experiences that readers can identify with. Something to be read over and over.

Our very heartfelt thanks to everybody who voted and supported us.
If you would like a copy of Schooldays, you can get one here.


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