Paper Swans Press is shortlisted for The Saboteur Awards 2017

We are beyond thrilled to have been shortlisted twice for this year’s Saboteur Awards — The Chronicles of Eve for Best Anthology and Glass for Best Pamphlet — and we ask you to consider voting for us again to give us a chance to win:

  • Click below to go to the Saboteur Awards website:
  • Click on ‘Vote Here’ button at top
  • Vote for The Chronicles of Eve and Glass.

The Chronicles of Eve is an anthology about different aspects of women — their bodies, lives, history and struggles. It is a collection of 73 poems from men and women all over the world — a truly international book, uniting poets and poetry in homage to ‘Woman’. Edited by Ellie Danak, Sarah Miles and Wendy Pratt with cover design by Sophia Platts-Palmer.

Glass is Elisabeth’s inaugural pamphlet which won our poetry pamphlet prize last year. It is a poignant collection of poems drawing on our perceptions and those of others:

Beauty and risk partner together in this extraordinary new voice.            Mona Arshi

I can’t tell you what a difference accolades like The Saboteur Awards make to a small press like us. It’s a big pond out there and we are definitely the smaller fish, so to receive some recognition, not just for ourselves but for all the poets, writers and editors that contribute to our books, is just wonderful. To be shortlisted (did I mention twice?) is already beyond what we had hoped for, but to win an award would really give us a huge boost. As a press, we are dedicated to producing books of excellent quality, both in the writing and their production. We have always pledged to give a platform to emerging writers as well as those more established, and continue to do so in our new anthology Best of British and our forthcoming anthology written by teenage poets.

If you would like to read any of the shortlisted books, we are offering a 20% discount on both books at the moment with the code sab17, but stock is low for both, so you’ll have to hurry. We thank you, from the the bottom of our poetic hearts, for your time and consideration in voting.


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