Poetry Pamphlet Prize

Submissions for our annual Poetry Pamphlet Prize are accepted 1st March – 30th June 2018. Click HERE for full details.


Pocket Poetry Pamphlets

Submissions are open for three new editions in our series of ‘Pocket Poetry’ pamphlets. These are very slim volumes, small enough to slip into a pocket, but filled with beautiful poems. These books are designed to be popped into a bag or pocket and will also be marketed as a small gift of poetry to accompany a greetings card.

Pocket-sized books require pocket-sized poems, so please read our rules section carefully.

We are looking for poems for:

  • The Pocket Poetry Book of Travel
  • The Pocket Poetry Book of Cats

Please carefully read the rules below before submission.


  • Please send us 1 or 2 poems per poet. Poems should be typed in single spacing and in a font size of 12, with each poem on a new page and your name in the header.
  • Poems should be 12 lines or less (not including title) and please bear in mind line length — these are A6 sized books so long lines would have to be split/broken on the page.
  • Please make the name of your document your name — this is really important. Documents named otherwise may not be accepted.
  • All poems must be your original work. Poems may have been previously published. Poems must be primarily in the English language.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed but please let us know immediately if your poem has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Send poems to with either TRAVEL or CATS as the subject. Closing date 1st June 2018.


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