Unfest — Poetry Busking

Unfest is a music-based festival held over four days in Tunbridge Wells, which is where Paper Swabs Press is based. Wanting to get a piece of the action, we managed to get a gig ‘poetry busking’ at The George (where we held our Best of British launch). Whilst it wasn’t technically proper busking (although any donations would have been welcome!), we did host an hour of page poetry taking on spoken word and managed to pull a good crowd.

Readers of page poetry were Sarah Miles, Jill Munro and Jessica Mookherjee and after a short break, Daniel Culmer and Susan Evans did their spoken word sets. It was a great afternoon and paves the way for getting more local poets into festivals and the like. We are very keen to get poetry into the community as much as possible, so big thanks to Jason at Unfest and The George for letting us do our bit.

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