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‘Best of British is a wonderful anthology of accessible, varied and memorable poems. Now funny, now moving, its highlights include Angela Readman’s thoughts on the sex lives of neighbours and Paul Stephenson’s brilliant transplanting of Frank O’Hara’s walking New York poems to give us a British town in all its richness. Lawrence Wilson offers a timely satire of the UK citizenship test and ultimately, and importantly, these are poems for and about people as much as about place. Just as M.V. Williams explores the way in which place can store the past, so these covers store a cabaret of voices, and it’s really a joy to see them now – stepping, throat-clearing, dancing into the light.’

Jonathan Edwards, Winner of the 2014 Costa poetry prize

Edited by Jill Munro and Sarah Miles

ISBN  978-0-9931756-6-4

84 pages


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Best of British is an anthology of poems about different aspects of Great Britain, from its rolling hills to its people to its motorways. Featuring poetry from: Allen Ashley, Yvonne Baker, Rebecca Bird, Claire Booker, Stephen Bone, Ed Broom, Carole Bromley, Michael Brown, Sue Burge, Lewis Buxton, Karen Jane Cannon, Claire Collison, Sarah Doyle, Susan Evans, Matthew James Friday, John Foggin, David Hensley, Margaret Holbrook, Jannine Horsford, Jenni Wyn Hyatt, Karen Izod, Sarah James, Neil Leadbeater, Fokkina McDonnell, Miriam Obrey, Angela Readman, Maggie Sawkins, Derek Sellen, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Sue Spiers, Paul Stephenson, Alison Stone, Sarah Tait, Alex Toms, Sarah Watkinson, Jules Whiting, M. V. Williams and Lawrence Wilson.

ISBN 978-0-9931756-6-4

84 pages



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